Create awesome modules to Xerox DocuShare.

Office 365

Module that uses your Office 365 subscription to edit documents directly in the cloud. No need for any client and works perfectly on any device and web.


Module that integrates to your Outlook. Easily save emails and/or attachments in your collections. You may also find documents in DocuShare and use as attachments in a new email.

Template Builder

Module that lets you create several template collections, that contains subcollections and other content. These templates can be used each time a new collection is created.

Digital signing

Module that integrates with Docusign Digital Signing feature. Documents from DocuShare can be sent to several in a process, and later tracked by actions taken.


Index documents outside of DocuShare. You dont need to be an user in DocuShare to add documents. Retrieves all objects and metadata you choose from your DocuShare site.


SuiteCRM is a leading CRM in the market and is integrated to DocuShare, by creating a collection for each new Account in SuiteCRM. Also syncs all documents from both  solutions.


Fill timesheets from any device. Completed timesheets will be archived in the users collection in DocuShare. Maintain list of customers and projects that can be related to each timesheet.

Permission Management

All our modules requires easy manegement to spesific user and domains. We have developed an own managament module for this reason.

Language packs

Module that makes it possible to add Norwegian as a language pack in your DocuShare site.

Modules to come.....


Deviation and Risk management maintained outside DocuShare. Each completed form is archived in the related customer/project collection in DocuShare 

Process management

Create any process that is related to any customer or project in DocuShare. Each completed process is archived in DocuShare

Project management

Module that use a separate table for customers and projects. All documents produced related to a project is saved in DocuShare. Easily track status of each project


Place a device at one or more locations and scan with your phone. Each stamp in and out, is tracked and put into a report, which again is archived in DocuShare